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Force update accounts

Use the Force Update Accounts feature to run the Update step of Enforcement on all Account entitlements currently granted in the relevant target system. It is also possible to force update only a single account.


To get started, Force update all accounts or Force update an account.

The following types of changes are included:

Related features include Force update permissions and Force update persons.


The force update accounts and force update permissions features do not Grant or Revoke any entitlements. Any pending grants or revokes due to changes in Business rules or business rule Conditions—even if those changes are Published—won't be written into the target system until the next Enforcement occurs.

Additionally, both of these features use the $contract.Context.InConditions values (see $contract.Context.InConditions for PowerShell v1, $personContext.Person.Contracts[x].Context.InConditions for PowerShell v2) calculated during the last Evaluation. If contracts have gone in or out of scope since then, those scope changes will not be reflected in force update accounts or force update permissions operations.