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Share account fields between target systems

If you have multiple Target systems, you may want to access a user's data from one target system in another target system. For example, suppose you want to pull usernames from Active Directory to re-use them in Google Workspace. This is possible in all types of target systems, although the process varies by system type.

To get started:

HelloID accomplishes this by mapping the shared fields not only into target accounts, but also back into the corresponding Persons objects. The shared fields thus become available to map in other target systems, as if they had been mapped onto persons in Source mappings.

To view all shared fields for a given person, View a person's target accounts.


Do not make two systems dependent on each other. This creates failure and/or race conditions during Enforcement.

If you attempt to access a shared attribute for a user who doesn't have an account in that system, the value will be empty. Plan your user deployment accordingly, and/or use complex mappings and/or scripting to handle empty values.

During enforcement, the entitlements of the system whose attributes have been shared are resolved before the entitlements of systems which use the shared attributes. This ensures that the attributes have been calculated and are available. For more information, see Entitlement action resolution order (dependencies).