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Source mappings

Source system mappings connect fields in raw personnel data (imported via the Persons import script and Departments import script) to fields in the Person schema and the Contract schema. Mappings are applied when new Snapshots are generated.


To get started, Map person/contract fields.

On a source system's Person and Contract tabs, the dropdown menus represent fields in the Person schema and Contract schema, respectively, onto which fields from raw personnel data (see Inspect raw data) can be mapped.


The inner dropdowns represent fields in your raw personnel data. That is, they are the keys from the key/pair values generated in your Persons import script and Departments import script.

For example, here the FirstName field from the raw personnel data is mapped onto the Name.NickName field in the person schema:


Each mapped field can be:


A constant string value (specified by you; not taken from the source system).


A direct mapping of a raw data field, without any transformations applied.


A mapping of a raw data field, with transformations applied via JavaScript. See Complex mappings.

Additional options include:

Require This Field

All persons whose value is missing for this field will be blocked from snapshots. See Blocked persons.

Convert Value To String

Only available for custom fields (see Add a custom person or contract field). Enable this toggle for any custom fields you plan to use in the Primary contract determinant.