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Access Management

HelloID Access Management has three main categories of functionality:

  • Directory sync and user management: Synchronize users and groups from your organization's external directory system (e.g., Active Directory) into HelloID Users and Groups, enforce 2FA, and manage logins via Identity providers (IdPs).


    Directory sync also supports the self-service and delegation features of HelloID Service Automation.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for Applications: A centralized portal offering 1-click access to all your organization's web applications. Users are authenticated via your configured Identity providers (IdPs).

  • Security & access control: Use Roles and other access policies and rules to control which users can access what features in HelloID, and when.

HelloID can handle complex scenarios such as multiple IdPs, complex attribute mappings, and even using HelloID itself as the primary user directory.

The diagram below shows the HelloID SSO solution:


To access these features, use the Applications, Directory, Insights, and Security links in the main menu on the admin dashboard.