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Retry failed entitlement action

Use the following instructions to retry a failed Grant, Update or Revoke entitlement action. To instead re-enforce a currently granted entitlement, Re-enforce an entitlement.

  1. Go to Business Rules > Entitlements > History.

  2. Locate the relevant entitlement action. with an Error status.

  3. To retry the entitlement action, click 2022-05-03_13-17-39.png Retry.

  4. Refresh the page.

A new entry is added at the top of the History pane.

If the retry was successful, the new entry is marked Success.


If the retry failed, click 2022-04-08_12-05-29.png Entitlement Details to View entitlement details, including logs.


Using this feature to retry a currently granted entitlement (a Grant entitlement action with a Success status) has the same effect as the Re-enforce an entitlement feature.