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Configure a source system

  1. Configure Agent.

  2. Customize the persons import script

  3. Customize the departments import script

  4. Map person/contract fields

    1. Add a custom person or contract field to the persons or contracts schemas, if necessary

  5. Set the primary contract determinant

  6. Set the primary manager determinant

  7. Recommended: Set thresholds

  8. Optional: Configure an input form (source systems).

  9. Optional: Change name & description and/or Change icon.

  10. Run a manual import to initialize the source system. Its raw personnel data is fetched, and an initial snapshot is performed.

  11. Optional: If you make further changes to the source system's configuration (source mappings, display name formatting, primary contract & manager determinants), Manually generate a snapshot to apply those changes without performing a new import.

  12. Recommended: Add a schedule and configure it with a recurring import (see Imports).