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Configure a source system

After you Add a source system, you need to configure it. The configuration process generally involves all the following steps. However, depending on your exact needs (as well as the requirements of the specific source system), you may not need to perform every step, and/or there may be additional requirements. You should always check the readme of the connector imported from GitHub for the most authoritative setup instructions (displayed on the system's General tab in HelloID).

  1. Configure Agent

  2. Customize the persons import script

  3. Customize the departments import script

  4. Map person/contract fields

    1. Add a custom person or contract field to the persons or contracts schemas, if necessary

  5. Set the primary contract determinant

  6. Set the primary manager determinant

  7. Recommended: Set thresholds

  8. Optional: Configure an input form (source systems).

  9. Optional: Change name & description and/or Change icon.

  10. Run a manual import to initialize the source system. Its raw personnel data is fetched, and an initial snapshot is performed.

  11. Optional: If you make further changes to the source system's configuration (source mappings, display name formatting, primary contract & manager determinants), Manually generate a snapshot to apply those changes without performing a new import.

  12. Recommended: Add a schedule and configure it with a recurring import (see Imports).