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Chromebook deployment

This guide will walk you through configuring your organization's Chromebooks to work with HelloID.

  1. Enable Single Sign-On for Google Workspace: Before your users can access HelloID via their Chromebooks, you must configure HelloID as an identity provider (IdP) for G Suite. This article will walk you through the process: Google Workspace SAML application setup.

  2. Enable Single Sign-On for your Chromebooks: After an SSO relation has been established between HelloID and Google Workspace, you can Enable Chromebook SSO.

  3. Deploy the HelloID Plugin to your Chromebooks: To support non-SAML web applications, the HelloID Browser plugin can inject user credentials into the application's login form. To get started, Enable the HelloID browser plugin for Chromebooks.

  4. Enable QR Code Login for your Chromebooks: Users who have difficulties with complex passwords (such as young students) can benefit from being able to quickly and easily log into their devices with a QR code. These QR codes can be attached to badges or ID cards for easy access. To get started, Enable QR code login and then Enable QR code login for Chromebooks.