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Person aggregation


Use the aggregation (merge) feature to combine multiple non-main Persons into a single main person.

To get started, Manually merge persons, or Set up merge suggestions.

The primary use case is for when employees have duplicate records in Source systems (either within or across source systems), and thus multiple person objects in HelloID. This feature brings those multiple person objects back to one. It is useful when you can't or don't want to merge the records directly in the external source system(s). However, it is possible to merge any set of persons, even if they are derived from entirely different employees.

The normal aggregation workflow involves monitoring & responding to Merge suggestions and Unmerge/replace suggestions as you receive them, and occasionally performing manual merges/unmerges as needed.

For details on what happens during key aggregation scenarios, see Person aggregation scenarios.


The correlation feature is loosely related to person aggregation. The difference is that whereas person aggregation matches N employees from raw personnel data to 1 person object, correlation matches 1 person object to N accounts in target systems.