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A snapshot is the process during which Persons are calculated and put into production.

To get started, generate a snapshot in one of the following ways:


Generating a snapshot does not perform any imports, but performing an import does generate a snapshot.

Each snapshot has two inputs:

  1. Each source system's latest import (i.e., its most recent raw personnel data), and;

  2. Each source system's configuration (source mappings, display name formatting, primary contract & manager determinants).


Whereas imports involve only one particular source system, snapshots involve all source systems.

There are no scheduled snapshots in HelloID. (Although any Schedules which are configured to perform Imports will generate a snapshot in the course of the import.)

It is not possible to restore previous snapshots.

Special situations

  • If a schedule (see Schedules) starts while a manual snapshot is in progress, the manual snapshot is automatically canceled. Only the scheduled import runs. To ensure that a manual snapshot succeeds without being interrupted, you can temporarily Disable a schedule.