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HR generator source systems


The HR Generator source system generates sample employees for testing purposes. You may want to experiment with one before connecting a production source system.

To get started, Add an HR generator source system. (When you're ready to connect a production source system, Add a source system.)

You don't normally need to modify the Persons import script or the Departments import script in an HR Generator source system. Instead, configure it using the following settings on its Configuration tab.

Number Of Persons

The number of employees to generate, which will become Persons during the import process.

Number Of Contracts

The number of Contracts to generate for each employee.

Percentage Of Inactive Persons

Percentage of employees with only Inactive contracts.

Naming Convention

Change how employees' Display names are formatted.

Contract Calculation Type

Whether contract dates are based on employments or positions.

Number Of Departments

The number of Departments to generate.

Percentage Of Departments With A Parent Department

The percentage of Departments with a ParentExternalId defined. See Departments import script.

Generation Seed

An integer that determines the RNG seed used to generate the example data. Typically only needs to be changed if you have multiple HR generator systems, and you want them to have different data.