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Request an owned product on behalf of another user (user dashboard)

  1. Go to Management > Managed Products, to view the products you own.

  2. For the relevant product, click managed-user-details.png Open Product.


    The product you're requesting must have Availability > 0.

  3. All users who you can request this product on behalf of are displayed:



    Disabled users are marked as Inactive. You can still request products for these users.

  4. For the relevant user, click request-product.png Request Product. A dialog box is shown.

  5. Optional: Enter a Comment.

  6. Optional: If a Return Date is required, specify one.

  7. Click Request.

  8. The product is requested on behalf of the user.


The next step depends on the specific product and its approval policy. Your request may be sent to one or more people in your organization for approval, or it may be immediately and automatically handled by HelloID.

To check the status of your pending request, View request status.

After a product has been approved, the user can find it by following the steps in View products and requests. If the product is an application, the user gets a new tile in their Applications (see Applications for users). If the product is another type of digital item or a physical item, the user will be granted access to it according to your organization's policies and systems.