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Add a product which grants access to an application


Prerequisite: An SSO application. For this example, we'll use the PowerSchool application shown in the Add an application from the catalog article.


This process is only necessary if you didn't auto generate a product when you initially added the application.

  1. Add a local group which will mediate access to the application. Or, pick an existing group.

    For this example, we'll add a group named PowerSchool application access:

  2. Go to Applications > Applications and click Edit for the relevant application. Go to the Groups tab. Grant access to the mediating group.

    For this example, we've added our PowerSchool application access group to our PowerSchool application:

  3. Add a product which will grant access to the application.

    For this example, we've added a PowerSchool product:

  4. Go to Self Service > Products and click Edit for the newly-created product. Go to the Actions tab.

  5. Add a product task to the product.

    For this example, we will add the Change HelloID group membership task to the Approved step, for the PowerSchool application access group:

  6. Click Save.

Users who have access to this product can now request it on the user dashboard (see Request a product).

When a user's product request is approved, the user will receive access to the corresponding application in Applications for users.


Users may need to log out and back in to HelloID before the application becomes available.