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User dashboard

Welcome! The HelloID user dashboard is the home page for HelloID Users, Managers, and Product owners. Here, you can access HelloID's most important features:

  1. Main menu: Click a link to open it in the content area (7). These links contain the main features of HelloID.

  2. Additional links: Quickly access a variety of important links.

  3. Application category filter: Filter your applications by category in the content area (7).

  4. Search: Search for items in the content area (7).

  5. Notifications / user profile / settings: Access your HelloID inbox, view and respond to Notifications and modify other account settings.

  6. Sort applications & add/remove application categories: Change the sort order of your applications, or add/remove application categories which you can then filter using (3).

  7. Content area: Shows content according to the link you've clicked in the main menu (1).


For HelloID administrators, the home page is the Admin dashboard.


An application is a website you need to do your job. For example: Gmail, Outlook, Blackboard, or Salesforce.

With HelloID, you can log into applications with one click, without entering a separate username or password.

To get started, see Applications for users.


A product is any resource you need to do your job. For example: A new application, software for your computer, a laptop, or any other digital or physical item you'd normally request from your help desk.

How you'll interact with products depends on your role in your organization.

To get started, see:


HelloID's Servicedesk puts you in charge of tasks normally performed by the IT help desk through a ticket system. For example, your organization can give you permission to modify user accounts, submit expense reports, update a website—or anything else.

Each task gets its own interactive form. You simply fill out and submit the form.

To get started, see Servicedesk.