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View entitlement action history

For more information, see Entitlements.

  1. Go to Business Rules > Entitlements.

  2. Go to the History tab.

  3. All completed entitlement actions from the last 3 months are displayed. This includes both successful and failed actions.


    The Origin column specifies the cause of the operation. These include:

    Person Updated

    The person's data changed due to a new import and/or changes in a .

    Business Logic

    The entitlement is being granted or revoked due to either 1) changes you made to Business rules or 2) persons going in/out of scope of business rules because of changes in their Contracts.


    An action that is being automatically retried by HelloID after previously failing.

    Person Merged

    The person was removed due to being merged via the Person aggregation feature.

    Removed From Rule

    You removed the entitlement from a business rule and selected the Unmanage Removed Entitlements toggle, or you deleted a business rule and selected the Delete And Keep Unmanaged option.

    Account Unmanaged

    The entitlement is being automatically unmanaged because its associated Account entitlement was unmanaged. Only applies to non-account entitlements.

    Manual Retry

    An action that you triggered with the Retry failed action or Re-enforce an entitlement features.

    Process Blocked

    An action that was blocked, but you approved. See Blocked actions.

    Force Update

    An action that you triggered with the Force update accounts, Force update persons, or Force update permissions features.


    (Successful Grant actions (which remain currently granted and haven't been subsequently revoked or unmanaged) are also displayed on the Granted tab. See View all granted entitlements.)