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Custom user attributes

Custom attributes are additional attributes that have been added to the HelloID user schema.

To view a user's custom attributes, Edit a user and go to their Attributes tab:


They can be added in the following ways:

They can be used in the following ways:

You cannot add, edit, or remove custom user attributes in the HelloID admin dashboard. To modify them, you must use the API.

Hidden user attributes

HelloID contains a few hard-coded, hidden user attribute fields. These are mappable just like other custom user attributes, but aren't displayed in a user's Attributes tab, due to privacy laws. Their values may only be viewed or changed via the HelloID API. They cannot be added or removed from the user schema.

Currently, these include:

  • ECKID (ECK iD: An identification number for students in the Netherlands)

The following screenshot shows how these attributes appear in API responses: