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Business rules


Use business rules to specify the Conditions under which Entitlements are granted to Persons during Enforcement.

To get started, Add a business rule.

For example, in a single target system you might create:

  • A business rule that creates disabled accounts for everyone in the R&D department (i.e., Account entitlements only)

  • Another business rule that enables those accounts one day before the employees' start date (i.e., Account Access entitlements)

  • Another business rule that assigns multiple Group Membership entitlements to those accounts

Business rule states

Each business rule is always in a Draft or Published state.


Business rules in a Draft state are not included in Enforcement. To put a draft business rule into the Published state, Publish a rule.


Business rules in a Published state are included in Enforcement. When you make changes to a published business rule, it changes to the Draft state.