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Person lifecycle (pre-onboarding/pre-offboarding notifications)


Use the person lifecycle feature to trigger the Pre-onboarding and the Pre-offboarding. These events let you send pre-onboarding and pre-offboarding email notifications that are independent of entitlement actions in target systems.

In other words, the pre-onboarding & pre-offboarding notification events operate at the level of Persons, whereas the Account Create and the Account Delete operate at the level of individual entitlements (i.e., Account entitlement Grant and Revoke).

To get started, Set up pre-onboarding/pre-offboarding notifications.

HelloID calculates onboarding/offboarding dates using Contracts, as follows:

  • Onboarding: The earliest StartDate among all of a person's contracts

  • Offboarding: The latest EndDate among all of a person's contracts

In this way, pre-onboarding and pre-offboarding notification events trigger email notifications X days before onboarding (where X = the configured Days Before Onboarding value), and Y days before offboarding (where Y = the configured Days Before Offboarding value), respectively.


Any 4+ day gaps between a user's contracts will trigger new pre-offboarding and pre-onboarding events. However, additional events will be suppressed if the same event was already triggered within the last 14 days (or within the configured Days Before Onboarding/Days Before Offboarding value, if it is greater than 14).