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Company settings

To get started, go to Settings > Company.

Company Info tab

Company Name

The value of the name variable.

Default AD Domain

The value of the defaultAdDomain variable.

Default Redirect URL

Where end users are routed after logging in to HelloID. This can be an absolute URL (e.g.,, or a relative path within the current instance of HelloID (e.g., /#/selfservice/productoverview). If no path is specified, end users are directed to the application dashboard. HelloID Administrators are always redirected to the admin dashboard.

Logout Redirect URL

Where end users are routed after logging out of HelloID. For example, your company's homepage. If left blank, users are redirected to the HelloID sign-on page.


The currency used for the Price field of products.

Time Zone

The time zone used throughout your HelloID portal, including for Scheduled tasks.

Service Desk tab

Email Address

The value of the serviceDeskEmail variable. The email address to which end users' self service error reports are sent when an end user clicks the Send A Notification To Your Service Desk button on the user dashboard (see View products and requests). Also used as the default 'from' address if you have not yet configured a custom one (see Configure a custom 'from' address for emails).


The value of the serviceDeskLanguage variable. The language used in end users' self service error reports.

Mail Domain tab

Here, you verify domain names which HelloID can use when sending emails.

To get started, Configure a custom 'from' address for emails.

Custom Domains tab

Here, you verify domain names to use as your HelloID portal URL. These domain names are completely separate from mail domains (and use different CNAME records).

To get started, Customize your HelloID URL.

Incidents tab


Here, you can configure email and webhook notifications for Incidents.

To get started, Set up email notifications and/or Set up webhook notifications.

Advanced tab

Hide Plugin Not Installed Warning

Users who don't have the Browser plugin installed see a warning message on the user dashboard. Enable this toggle to hide the message.

Notification Refresh Interval (Minutes)