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A product is something that Users can request. A few common examples are:

  • Desktop or mobile software (including SSO Applications in HelloID)

  • Access to file shares or folders on your network

  • Physical items such as a cellphone or a laptop

To get started, Add a product.

HelloID manages the entire inventory management process, including delivery and return. For digital items, HelloID can automate delivery and return. For physical items, HelloID can automate the process right up until the point that human intervention is required (e.g., to hand off a piece of equipment).

All Product requests proceed through the Product request lifecycle, and support Product tasks.

Additionally, you can enrich products with Product categories, Approval workflowsDynamic forms, and Tasks.

Users can request products in Products for users.


To automate IT helpdesk tasks that don't involve inventory of some kind (e.g., simply executing tasks on the network), use Delegated forms instead of products.