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Dynamic forms

Dynamic forms (also known simply as "forms") are customizable web forms, which can be attached to Products. This lets end users submit additional information (e.g., intended return date, or details about the needed product variation/configuration). Optionally, you can use the submitted information in Product tasks.

Dynamic forms are also used as the underlying forms in Delegated forms.

To get started, Add a product or Add a custom delegated form, and add your dynamic form as part of that process. Alternately, you can add a standalone dynamic form first (see Add a dynamic form), and then link or clone it when you add your product or delegated form.

Each form can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be; from a single page with one text box, to a multi-step wizard with dropdowns, radio buttons, check boxes, and more.

To programmatically populate data into the Form elements of a dynamic form, use Data sources.