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Product settings reference

These are the settings you configure when you Add a product.


The display name of the product shown to end users.

Resource Owner

All users in this user group are Product owners.

Approval Workflow

The approval workflow used when this product is requested. See Approval workflows.


The description of the product shown to end users. Supports Markdown syntax.

Show Price

Whether to show the Price field to end users.


The per-unit organizational cost of the product. A whole number, or a two-digit decimal. Use the Currency setting to change the currency.

Source Identifier

A freeform string that explains how the product was created. Automatically set to API if the product was created via the v1 API. Automatically set to an empty string if the product was created in HelloID.


A uniquely identifying SKU for the product. A value is automatically generated for each new product, but you can optionally replace it with a custom value.


To whom this product is shown on the user dashboard (see Products for users).

Request Comment

The visibility of the Comment field during product requests.

  • Optional: The field is shown and users may optionally enter a comment.

  • Hidden: The field is hidden and users cannot enter a comment.

  • Required: The field is shown and users must enter a comment.

Maximum Amount

The maximum number of product units which can be approved at any given time. This is the total number for your organization, not a per-user maximum. Useful for controlling licensing costs.

Risk Factor Enabled

Whether this product has a risk factor. Shown to users when they request this product, and to responders. The risk factor setting has no other effect on the product or approval workflow.

Risk Factor

The product's risk factor. (1: No risk. 2-4: Low risk. 5-7: Medium risk. 8-10: High risk.)

Multiple Requests

Whether a user can have multiple units of this product.

  • Once: If the user already has this product, they cannot request any additional units.

  • Always: If the user already has this product, they can request additional units.

Type Of Icon

The icon for the product shown to end users.

Change Icon

Upload an icon, or pick from pre-defined icons.


See Product categories.

Agent Pool

The Agent Pool which will be used to run any Product tasks for this product. See Agent pools.

Return On User Disable

When a user who possesses this product is disabled (e.g., you Disable a user), this product is automatically Returned. Particularly useful for products which grant access to organizational systems, to prevent orphaned permissions.