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Troubleshoot entitlement actions

If an entitlement action fails during Enforcement, the following sequence will help you troubleshoot it.

  1. First, View running & pending actions. The action may not have failed; it may still be in progress.

    This most often happens when an entitlement action is missing a dependency (see Dependency order). In this case, you may need to edit your Business rules or Conditions to add the correct dependency for the relevant person, and then perform a new Enforcement.

  2. If the action isn't still running, View action history. Locate the specific action in question, and View entitlement details to see its logs. If the action failed, for example, due to an invalid target mapping or a bug in your PowerShell code, the specific error message can be found here.

  3. If the error is in target mappings or one of the system's PowerShell scripts, correct it.

  4. If the error affected multiple entitlements, you may need to perform a full enforcement (see Run an enforcement). If it only affects a small number of entitlements, you can individually Retry failed action for the failed entitlements, without performing a full enforcement.