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Install the browser plugin

For more information, see Browser plugin.


Chrome extensions can only be installed on the new Microsoft Edge Microsoft-Edge-Icon-Fluent-Big-256.png, not on the legacy Microsoft Edge main-qimg-58c599eaffdd2d9a37aa7dec152b7028.png.

  1. Open the menu and click Extensions.

  2. Click Manage Extensions.

  3. Enable the Allow Extensions From Other Stores toggle.

  4. Go to the HelloID Extension on the Google Chrome web store.

  5. Click Add To Chrome.

  6. To confirm, click Add Extension.

  1. Go to the HelloID Extension on the Google Chrome web store.

  2. Click Add To Chrome.

  3. To confirm, click Add Extension.

Chrome Group Policy Objects

HelloID administrators may also install the plugin through Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO).

  1. Install the GPO (ADM/ADMX) templates for Google Chrome.

  2. Open your group policy management console and go to Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates > Google Chrome > Extensions.

  3. Double click on Configure The List Of Force-Installed Extensions.

  4. Enable the setting and click Show.

  5. Add the following extension ID and update URL to the value and click OK.


  6. Close all Chrome browser windows and run gpupdate from an elevated command prompt to force an update and refresh the policy settings.

    The browser extension will be visible the next time you start Chrome.

  7. To check the policy in Chrome, go to chrome://policy using the address bar.


The plugin is supported on Firefox Mobile.

  1. On the user dashboard, go to Links > Download.

  2. For the Firefox extension, click Download.

  3. After the plugin file has been downloaded (.xpi file extension), drag it onto a Firefox browser window to install it.

  4. To confirm, click Add.