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Provisioning GitHub resources

The Tools4ever GitHub account contains resources for use with HelloID's Provisioning module:

These repository names start with HelloID-Conn-Prov-Source, or HelloID-Conn-Prov-Target, depending on whether the repository pertains to a Source systems or PowerShell target systems. For example, HelloID-Conn-Prov-Source-AFAS-Profit. For more information on naming conventions, see Repo naming conventions.

Each repository comprises a set of PowerShell scripts and JSON files:




Readme file describing the repository's functionality. Includes any relevant special instructions, limitations, or recommendations.






Accounts scripts (target system connectors only)


Input forms (source and target system connectors)




Retrieve permissions script and Separate permission scripts for Permissions (target system connectors only)





Persons import script, Departments import script, and persons/contracts Source mappings definitions (source system connectors only)


If GitHub does not include your source or target system (e.g., it is a proprietary system, or a custom flat file), you will need to write your own code.

Import a source or target system connector from GitHub

See Add a source system and Add a PowerShell target system.