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Active Directory mapping set

An Active Directory mapping set (see Mapping sets) contains mappings between the HelloID user/group schema and the Active Directory user/group schema. It is automatically created when you set up AD sync and is used by the Active Directory synchronization task to sync AD users and groups to HelloID Users and Groups.


To get started, Customize mapping set.

Each AD mapping set has Change Attributes and Change Mappings sections, for both AD users and AD groups.

Change Attributes (AD mapping)

These are the attributes that HelloID will pull out of the AD user or group schema.


Available settings for each attribute include:

Display Name

Not used.

Variable Name

The intermediary name of the attribute, which will be shown in the User column of the Change Mappings screen, in the next step. Typically should be the same as the Source Field.

Source Field

The name of the attribute to pull from the AD user or group schema.

Data Type

The data type of the attribute.



Change Mappings (AD mapping)

Here, you map attributes pulled from the AD user or group schema (User or Group column) onto attributes in the HelloID user or group schema (HelloID User or HelloID Group column).

In User or Group fields, type {{ to activate autocomplete. You have access to:



The attribute names in the User and Group fields are the Variable Names you defined on the Change Attributes screen.

The attribute names in the HelloID User and HelloID Group fields are fields in the HelloID user and group schemas.