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Approval workflows

Use approval workflows to specify the Designated responders and related approval/denial conditions for Product requests.


To get started, Add an approval workflow and then Set a product's approval workflow.

The default approval workflow is Approval By Resource Owner. In this case, the Product owners of the product that the workflow is assigned to become the designated responders.

However, workflows may be configured in other ways. For example, you can create:

  • A workflow that automatically approves or denies certain products, without a response from anyone

  • A workflow that specifies only certain Users as designated responders

  • A workflow that specifies requesting users' Managers as designated responders

  • Etc.

Workflows are created independently of products, and a single workflow can be assigned to any number of products.

Designated responders

The users specified in Approval workflows are designated responders (aka "specified approvers"). They are in charge of responding to Product requests for products that the relevant approval workflow is assigned to. They receive Product request notifications on the user dashboard.