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Use tasks to run actions & integrations in your HelloID environment.

There are two types of tasks in HelloID: pre-defined tasks and PowerShell tasks. Each type can be run as Scheduled tasks or as Product tasks.

Pre-defined tasks

The HelloID Task catalog contains a variety of common, pre-defined tasks which can be quickly added to your HelloID environment with minimal effort.

To get started, Add a pre-defined scheduled task or Add a pre-defined product task.

PowerShell tasks

If there are no suitable Pre-defined tasks in the Task catalog, you can create a custom task using PowerShell.

To get started, Add a PowerShell scheduled task or Add a PowerShell product task.

Active Directory synchronization task

An Active Directory synchronization task is a special kind of scheduled task (see Scheduled tasks), created automatically by HelloID when you set up AD sync. It syncs AD users and groups to HelloID Users and Groups, based on the associated Active Directory mapping set.