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Group settings reference


The name of the group.


Disabled groups continue to exist along with all their associated users and settings, but have no effect. For example, if a group is associated with certain products, users in the group will lose access to those products while the group is disabled.


Automatically add all newly created Users to this group.

Enable QR Codes

Let users in this group log in by scanning a QR code. See Enable QR code login.


The group's manager. See Managers.


Read-only. For Local groups, Local. For Synced groups, the directory system that the user was synced from via Directory sync, or the IdP the user was created from via JIT.

Group controls

Use a group's controls to see which resources the group is associated with, and to assign or un-assign resources. All users in the group and its sub-groups have access to the associated resources.

Group controls are available in Directory > Groups, and when editing a group.


Add, edit, and remove Users in this group.


Add, edit, and remove Applications in this group. Also see Grant a group access to an application.


Add, edit, and remove other Groups in this group.


Add, edit, and remove Products in this group. Also see Link a product to a group.

Self Service Categories

Add, edit, and remove Product categories in this group.

Application Categories

Add, edit, and remove Application categories in this group.


Deprecated. Use Audit logs instead.

Delegated Forms

Add, edit, and remove Delegated forms in this group.