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Appearance settings

To get started, go to Settings > Appearance.

Logos & Icons tab



There is a 10-15 minute caching delay after you upload new logos.

Company Logo

The logo displayed on the login screen. Max dimensions 400x400px.

Company Icon

The logo displayed in the top-left corner of the HelloID admin dashboard. Max dimensions 128x128px.

Loading Icon

The loading icon used on various screens throughout HelloID.

Login Background

The background image displayed on the login screen:


Theme tab


Select from 3 built-in HTML/CSS themes: Default, Business, or HelloID.

Advanced Theme Settings

Customize the Header, Primary, and Secondary colors of the selected theme.

Custom CSS tab

Write CSS to further customize your chosen theme. This CSS only affects the Admin dashboard, not the User dashboard. All changes are previewed in real time. If you accidentally render your portal unusable, reset your custom CSS using the following link: https://<customer id>

Tile Behavior tab

Open Application In Same Tab

Whether Applications for users on the user dashboard open in the same browser tab or a new tab.

Reset custom styling


Click Reset Custom Styling to return all appearance settings to their default values. This will remove any custom CSS you've entered.

Other appearance settings

The settings in Settings > Appearance control the most prominent aspects of your HelloID portal's look and feel. However, there are other settings in the admin dashboard which you may also want to change: