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User settings reference

General tab (user settings)

The user's HelloID username.

When editing a user, their username is displayed in the breadcrumb:

First Name

The user's first name.

Last Name

The user's last name.

Change Icon

Optional. A user avatar image.


The user's email address. Used for 2FA, and for email notifications sent by HelloID.

Phone Number

The user's phone number. Used for 2FA.


The user's password. Only available when the user is initially added. Subsequently, use the Change a user's password feature or force the user to change their own password using the Change Password At Next Logon feature.


Enabled users can log in to HelloID. Disabled users cannot.


The user's assigned Roles.


For Local users, Local. For Synced users, the directory system that the user was synced from via Directory sync, or the IdP the user was created from via JIT.

Last Login

The date and time of the user's most recent login to HelloID.

Change Password At Next Logon

Force the user to change their password the next time they log in to HelloID.


The user's manager. See Managers.

Other Manager

Optional. An additional manager for the user.

QR Code

The user's QR code for QR code login (see Enable QR code login).

Groups tab (user settings)

Manage this user's membership in Groups.

Credential Sets tab (user settings)

Manage this user's Credential sets.

Attributes tab (user settings)

View this user's Custom user attributes.