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Display names

The Display Name field in Persons objects is automatically calculated by HelloID. It depends on both your display name settings and the Name.Convention mapping in Source mappings.

To get started, Format display names.


HelloID supports four display name patterns: B, P, BP, and PB. The default settings are below.

B (Birth Name)

{Name.NickName} {Name.FamilyNamePrefix} {Name.FamilyName} ({ExternalId})

P (Partner Name)

{Name.NickName} {Name.FamilyNamePartnerPrefix} {Name.FamilyNamePartner} ({ExternalId})

BP (Birth Name - Partner Name)

{Name.NickName} {Name.FamilyNamePrefix} {Name.FamilyName} - {Name.FamilyNamePartnerPrefix} {Name.FamilyNamePartner} ({ExternalId})

PB (Partner Name - Birth Name)

{Name.NickName} {Name.FamilyNamePartnerPrefix} {Name.FamilyNamePartner} - {Name.FamilyNamePrefix} {Name.FamilyName} ({ExternalId})