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On-premises Service Automation Agent


The on-premises Service Automation Agent service is named HelloID SA Agent. It runs certain actions associated with the Service Automation module of HelloID, on a server in your organization's network. These actions include:

To get started, Install the on-premises Agent services.

To use the on-premises SA Agent in a compatible object (a PowerShell data source or delegated form PowerShell script), disable the Run On Cloud Agent toggle in that object and select an Agent Pool:



Note that Service Automation Tasks are run by the Access Management Agent, not the Service Automation Agent.

The Service Automation Agent offers 64-bit support, to allow loading 64-bit PowerShell modules such as Azure and Exchange Online. It is not 32-bit backwards compatible.

The log files for the Service Automation Agent can be found at: C:\ProgramData\Tools4ever\HelloID\ServiceAutomation\logs\.