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Add, edit, or remove a source system

For more information, see Source systems.

Add a source system
  1. Recommended: Check the Provisioning GitHub resources to see if a GitHub repository already exists with a connector template for your source system. Templates exist for AFAS Profit, Visma DBS, BambooHR, and many more.

  2. Go to Source > Systems.

  3. Click 2022-04-05_13-58-26.png Add System.

  4. In the Create System dialog box, select PowerShell Source and click Create.

  5. Optional: If you're using a connector template from GitHub, then copy and paste the contents of the following files to prepare the source system for configuration:


    Some repositories only contain (and require) a subset of these files, or may also contain additional files, in which case they are described in the repository's readme.


    System tab > Custom Connector Configuration > 2022-04-05_13-54-26.png Edit (Configure an input form (source systems))



    System tab > Import Scripts > Persons (Customize the persons import script)



    System tab > Import Scripts > Departments (Customize the departments import script)



    Person tab > Import (Import mappings)



    Contract tab > Import (Import mappings)

  6. Continue setting up the source system by following the steps in Configure a source system.

  1. Go to Source > Systems.

  2. Click 2022-04-05_13-54-26.png Edit for the relevant system.

  1. Go to Source > Systems.

  2. Edit a source system for the relevant system.

  3. Click Delete.

  4. On the Confirm System Deletion dialog box, click Delete to confirm.

The system is removed, including all of its Persons. Any Business rules containing those persons, and their granted Entitlements, will remain in place. However, you will not be able to perform an Evaluation or Enforcement until 1) the persons are restored, or 2) the persons are removed from the associated business rules, or 3) the associated business rules are removed.