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Add, edit, or remove a product

For more information, see Products.

Add a product


If the product is an SSO application, instead see Add a product which grants access to an application.

  1. Go to Self Service > Products.

  2. Click Create Product.

  3. On the General tab, enter values for the product's settings such as its Name, its Owner (see Product owners), and its Approval Workflow (see Approval workflows).


    See the Product settings reference for a full list of available settings.

    For this example, we'll create a product that requests the Google Chrome application.

  4. Optional: Go to the Form tab to Add a form to a product, to let users submit additional information when they request this product.

  5. Optional: Go to the Actions tab to Add a product task that will run during the product request lifecycle (e.g., a PowerShell script). The task can use information submitted on the attached form.

  6. Go to the Groups tab to Assign a product to a group. Only the users in the assigned groups will be able to view and request this product.

  7. Optional: Go to the Time Limit tab to Add a time limit to a product, which controls how long users are allowed to have a product.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Optional: The Segregation tab is now available. Go to the Segregation tab to Segregate a product.

Users in the assigned Groups (who have the necessary Rights) can now Request a product for this product.

  1. Go to Self Service > Products.

  2. For the relevant product, click Edit.

  3. Continue by following the instructions in Add a product.

  1. Go to Self Service > Products.

  2. For the relevant product, click Delete.

  3. To confirm, click Delete.