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Add, edit, or remove an HR generator source system

For more information, see HR generator source systems.

Add an HR generator source system
  1. Go to Source > Systems.

  2. Click 2022-04-05_13-58-26.png Add System.

  3. In the Create System dialog box, select HR Generator.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Go to the Configuration tab.

  6. Optional: Adjust the following settings to change the characteristics of the sample employees that this system will generate.


    Normally, you shouldn't need to modify the persons or departments import scripts in an HR Generator source system.

    Number Of Persons

    The number of employees to generate, which will become Persons during the import process.

    Number Of Contracts

    The number of Contracts to generate for each employee.

    Percentage Of Inactive Persons

    Percentage of employees with only Inactive contracts.

    Naming Convention

    Change how employees' Display names are formatted.

    Number Of Departments

    The number of Departments to generate.

    Percentage Of Departments With A Parent Department

    The percentage of Departments with a ParentExternalId defined. For more information, see Departments import script.

    Generation Seed

    An integer that determines the RNG seed used to generate the example data. Typically only needs to be changed if you have multiple HR generator systems, and you want them to have different data.

  7. Optional: Go to the Person and/or Contract tabs to Map person/contract fields.

  8. Run a manual import to initially import the system.


If you want to experiment with other settings, see Configure a source system. Most of the features available in production source systems are also available in the HR generator system.

  1. Go to Source > Systems.

  2. Click 2022-04-05_13-54-26.png Edit for the relevant system.

  1. Go to Source > Systems.

  2. Edit a source system for the relevant system.

  3. Click Delete.

  4. On the Confirm System Deletion dialog box, click Delete to confirm.

The system is removed, including all of its Persons. Any Business rules containing those persons, and their granted Entitlements, will remain in place. However, you will not be able to perform an Evaluation or Enforcement until 1) the persons are restored, or 2) the persons are removed from the associated business rules, or 3) the associated business rules are removed.